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The brief induction of the product:
Air refresher is produced according to the natural coordination principle and mechanism of the air. It is a kind of protect inoal device which can coordinate with the environment and add to it. It doesn't produce harmful things, so it does not harm to the environment. Not only can it purify the living quarters and space environment, but also it has the abilities of disinfect,sterilize and deodrant. It is good device for preventting the air pollation and the crossing infect. The air refresher is fit for indoors, offices, hospitals,banks, meeting-room,the passenger cabins of the plane,trains,cans kitchens,KTV-boxes,toilet and ect.
ONE.Function:disinfect,sterilize and deodorant
TWO.Refresher the air ,removing smoke and dust.
THREE.The scope of applying:the space and living quarters.
FOUR.The principle of working:producing the active oxygen,absorbing the poisons,regulating the air.
FIVE.Using:exchange the living quarters umproving the quantity of the environment.
SIX.Mode:Small, Middle,Big.
SEVEN.Attention:Te product contains some useful things of living quarters such as lights, active carbon and ect, when you want to buy these things,you can take it for reference.
  • hang air refresher
  • table air refresher
  • water spray air refresher
  • ONE.Function:disinfect,sterilize an
  • TWO.Refresher the air ,removing smo
  • THREE.The scope of applying:the spa
  • FOUR.The principle of working:produ
  • FIVE.Using:exchange the living quar
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