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The product is made to mini damper of hydraulic pressure, adopting the newest electromagnetism technology, silicon oil is not sensitive to the temperature, so it can avoid the large disfigurement about switch: Switch is fixedly when low temperature; Switch disarray action when high temperature.

Now the D30 series mini circuit breaker for equipment conquer above disfigurement of double-sheet metals, and the reiteration and coherence is excellent, therefore, at present the kind of breaker is applicable to communications equipment and national defence top technology.

The product is supereminence in protecting function, and it can working in three condition: DC 65V, AC 230V, intermediate frequency 400Hz. Widely it can apply to railway transportation system, automatization system, traffic
equipment, elevator controlling system, electric equipment, communications equipment, etc.

The product can instead of swift fuse to protect the module and semiconductor in the system.
  • Rated voltage
    • 65VDC, 230/400V
  • Rated current (A)
    • 1,2,3,6,10,15,20,25,30,40,50
  • Breaking capacity
    • 65VDC 2000A;
    • 230/400VAC 1000A
  • Life
    • Mechanical life: 10000 times
    • Electric life: 6000 times
  • Ambient temperature
    • -40℃;~~+85℃;
  • Pole
    • 1P, 2P, 3P
  • Weight
    • 1P 95g
    • 2P 190g
    • 3P 285g

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