FD-BM800-V five layers composite blow film machine

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FD-BM800-V five layers composite blow film machine
can produce various kinds of film according to different raw materials and
processing technology, which has the function such as resisting high temperature, resisting low
temperature, cooking, hot enveloping and printing, etc. It canproduce following composite film: A/B/C/D/E、A/B/C/B/A、A/B/C/D/C etc. The composition can be changed freely, the calculated parts can calculate exactly, so can reach the aim to save the expensive material. So it is the ideal equipment to produce five layers film of PA、EVOH、PVDC material.
  • FD-BM800-V Five layers film machine
    • Extruder : 45/28 3sets; 35/28 2sets
  • Plastify ability per Single Extruder :10-40kg/h
  • Film thickness :0.03 mm-0.08 mm
  • Film break Ratio :500-600mm
  • Haul-off spin angle :0-180
  • Haul-off rollers of width :800mm

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