FD-G250/450MD/HDPE gas water pipe product line

Product ID: MD/HDPE Pipe machine

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the equipment can produce the plastic gas and water pipe. The diameter are from 50mm to 450mm.
l).Extruder: Special and high-efficient screw for MD\HDPE, obliged cooling and flute for cylinder at feeding.
2).Basket compounding die: low temperature melt output, decrease stress and distortion.
3).Vacuum device: two sets high speed vacuumdevice. It is auto control for the temperature and high ofweater.
4).tow device: the towing speed and extruder are linkage by PLC.
5).Cutting device: cutting type are in saw or planet. The noises is low and the workshop is sanitation because configure suction device.
  • FD-MD/HDPE250G
    • pipe spec: 90-250mm
  • Output:250-450kg/h
  • total power:265 kw
  • extruder: FD-SJ90/34 FD-SJ30/20
    • FD-MD/HDPE450G
      • pipe spec: 90-450mm
    • Output:600-700kg/h
    • total power:415 kw
    • extruder: FD-SJ120/34 FD-SJ30/20

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