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FM Transmitter: PD331, PD333
a. Channel of transmitter: 1(PD331), 4(PD333)
b. Frequency range: PD331?7.7, 88.3, 89.4, 107.4MHz; PD333?8.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7MHz or 107.1, 107.3, 107.5, 107.7MHz
c. Frequency adjustable according to customer' requirements
d. Power supply of 12V DC in car (PD331); 2pcs AAA batteries in car or home (PD333)
e. Can read MP3 directly, also can connect to CD, MD, MP4 and so on
f. Using phase locked loop technology, ensure stable frequency radiation
g. Supporting MP3 music format
h. With the LED save-electroform design, your batteries could last for a long time
  • Dimension (L x W x H)
    • 12x3.8x3cm(PD331); 8.8x4.8x2.4cm(PD333)
  • Weight
    • PD331?3.7g(N.W.), 62.2g(G.W.); PD333?8.4g(N.W), 112.6g(G.W.)
  • Channel separation
    • 40dB
  • Audio frequency response
    • (input) 20-2K MHz
  • Total current
    • 40mA

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