Computer blue liquid-tight flexible conduit

Product ID: YF-604

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Computer Blue is a liquid-tight flexible steel conduit commonly used for computer room installations. The blue jacket color easily identifies circuitry for computer power wiring. It has a flexible inner core made from a spiral wound strip of heavy gauge, electro-galvanized steel.MADE FROM HEAVY GAUGE METALLIC TUBE WITH HEAVY DUTY PVC COVERING:

*Durable and long life.
*High tensile strength.
*Inner core made from heavy gauge galvanized steel strip for superior crush strength.
*With integral copper bonding wire for easy grounding of telecommunication equipments or computers.
*Liquid tight. Complete protection against most liquids and moisture vapor. Resists sunlight, heat, oil and chemical degradation.

Liquid-tight flexible conduit provides protection for wiring circuits located in extremely wet or damp areas. This computer BLUE is especially suitable for wirings in computer rooms.
  • Liquid-tight
  • with integral copper wire

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