digital compass TCM5

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Digital compass adopts the magneto-inductive technology to produce the 2-axis compass. It could offset various hard-iron and soft-iron effects by professional data acquisition and processing chip. Thus it is very suitable and convenient in outside navigation, prospecting instrument and traffic control system. Our product has the advantage of small size and high accuracy so that it could be fixed in many electronics-consume products. Beside, our company could provide ODM and OEM products.
  • Measure parameter
    • heading, magnetic intensity, inclination angle, rolling angle
  • All direction measurement
    • heading 360 degrees, inclination: +/-90 degrees, rolling angle: +/- 180 degrees
  • Heading accuracy
    • 0.3 degree (inclination
  • inclination field range
    • +/-90 degrees; Rolling angle: +/-180 degrees
  • Magnetic measurement range
    • +/-0.8 Gauss (Resolution: 500 uG)
  • Operating voltage
    • 3.6-5VDC(Unregulated)
  • Digital output
    • RS232
  • Size
    • 3.5*4.3*1.3 cm
  • Safe

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