Cone Screen

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Cone screen is operated to remove fine particles in water and wastewater stream.
The raw water is feed-in through the inner of the drum and drained off by the difference of the liquid pressure,
while the filtration, washing cloth and discharge will be completed due to the rolling action of the drum.

The particles and debris are retained on the interior surface of the screen and removed at the opposite side of the raw water feed.
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Model S60/60 S60/90 S90/90 S90/120
Drum Diameter (mm) 600 600 900 900
Drum Length (mm) 600 900 900 1200
Main Body Width (mm) 860 860 1300 1300
Main Body Height (mm) 760 760 1200 1200
Main Body Length (mm) 1400 1700 1700 2000
  • Applications
    • 1. Wastewater treatment in pulp and paper, food processing, tanning, leather processing, fiber and chemical industries.
    • 2. Screening in domestic wastewater treatment plants and utilities.
    • 3. Replace a communicator/chopper to remove coarse solids and debris.
    • 4. Prevent pump stations, water treatment pipes and pumps from clogging and wearing.
    • 5. Dewater, separate and recycle screenings in food processing, such as meat, sausage, fish, fruits, vegetables etc.
    • 6. Separate and recycle screenings in brewery and other food processing plants.
    • 7. In pulp and paper factory:
    • a. Condensation of RGP and CGP screenings.
    • b. Fibers recycle of wastewater treatment, condensation and filtration from white water and fluid from screw presses
    • 8. Screen raw materials and purify wash water in sugar and starch processing plants.
  • The wedge-wired screen enhances the filtration and avoids clogging.
  • Screen openings varied from 0.5 ~ 3.0mm are available.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Light weighted and compact footprint makes it easy for installation.

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