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Business people on the move are demanding portable storage facilities to back up their mobile offices by using USB flash drive. DigitFab International Co., Ltd has announced its latest generation of USB flash drive, "DIGIT BALL", a range of packet-sized storage devices built on the USB 1.1 platform with additional functions such as MP3 player (WMA), voice recorder and FM radio. "DIGIT BALL" is our new innovation for end-user with single hand operation, including volume adjustment, FF/ Rew and mode function.

Once the DIGIT BALL button is pressed, multi-menu is indicated in LCD display with supporting multi-language. The 64/128/256/512MB model has the capacity to store multimedia files more than 10 years including digital audio and video files, as well as digital still image, presentation materials, and even database files. DIGIT BALL with Windows 2000, ME, XP, and Mac OS 9 and higher operating system through computer will automatically recognize the devices without additional software
  • USB Pen Drive
    • USB 1.1 specification with standard A-Type USB connection
  • MP3 Digital Audio Player
    • MP3 & WMA music format
  • Digital Voice Recording
    • ADPCM
  • Reading Speed/Writing Speed
    • 900kb/sMas/640kb/sMas
  • Battery Life
    • More than 15 Hours with Alkaline Battery
  • USB Pen Drive
    • USB1.1 specification with standard A-Type USB Connection
  • MP3 Player
    • MP3 & WMA music format
  • Language Education
    • A-B Repeat function and constant Repeat
  • Digital Voice Recording
    • More than 8 Hours (128MB)
  • Reading /Writing Speed
    • 900kb/sMas/600kb/sMas
  • CE
  • FCC
  • SGS

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