kapi Printable 4X DVD-R

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kapi Printable DVD-R 4X
Volume: 4.7GB/ 120mins
Speed: 4X
Description: DVD-R Inkjet Printable

White surface

The surface of the CD-R is specially designed for use with inject (or thermal) printing.

DVD-R for Video/Data


Conforms to basic format specification version 2.0

High writing speed - Due to our superior dye and media design, Kapi DVD-R are optimized for top performance.

Global Compatibility - kapi DVD-R adapts the same playback characteristics as a DVD-ROM disc, rendered compatible with most DVD video players, DVD-ROM drives and Playstation 2.

DVD-R discs are ideal for high-volume data recording, archiving, video pre-mastering and playback using write-once format.

Superior Longevity - Data on Kapi DVD-R could be stored for more than 50 years.

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