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Mini circuit breaker is mainly suitable for overload and short circuit protection.It is especially used for illuminaton and distribution in industry and commerce.
  • INB1LE-40(ELCB)
    • The parts is assembled with the INB1-63 circuit breaker and be used for the protection against electrical leakage in 50/60Hz,rated voltage 240/415V circuit.the rated current up to 40A,whe electrial shocking occur.or the residual current of the circuit exceed the fixed value,the E.L.C.B can cut off the power within 0.2 second automatically protecting the life and preventing the equipment from the fault resulted by residual current.It comply with IEC1009-1 and gb16917.1.
  • INB1-63 MCB
    • INB1 mini circuit breaker is mainly used for overload and short circuit protection in the circuit of AC50/60Hz,rated voltage of single pole up to 230\v two,three,four pole up to 400V.It can also be used for infrequent switch over of the circuit and illumination under normal conditions.
  • INH-100 Isolator Switch
    • The items can switch on ,load and break the current under normal condition ,using as switch disconnectors.The items comply with IEC 60947-3&GB14048.3
  • IM-001 over load protector
    • IM-001 overload protector is used for overload protection in circuit of Ac50 or 60Hz.rated voltage 125/250V.Rated current up to 15A
  • LR1,LR2 Series thermal relay
    • JRS1(LR-D) Series thermail relay is suitable for using in the circuits rated voltage up to 660V,rated current 93A AC 50hz or 60 Hz,for over-voltage protection of A.C motor. the relay has the differential mechanism and temperature compensation and can plug ir CJX2(LC1-D)series A.C contactor
  • INB1LE-40(ELCB)
    • Rated voltage 230/400V
  • pole number 1+N ,2,3,3+N
  • rated current:6,10,16,20,25,32,40
  • rated operating current for eath leakage 30,50
  • rated non-operating current for earth leakage: 15,25
    • INB1-63 MCB
      • rated current(A):6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
    • rated voltage(V):230-400 V 50/60Hz
    • breaking cpacity:6000A
    • Tripping setting 5-10In 10-14In
    • Mechanical life 20000 operation
    • pole number:1,2,3,4
      • INH-100 Isolator Switch
        • rated voltage 230/400
      • rated current(A):40,63,80,100
      • pole number:1,2,3,4
        • IM-001 over load protector
          • overload current 3-15A
        • 600% 0.3~3.0s trip
        • 500% 0.5~5.5s trip
        • 400% 0.5~9.5s trip
        • 300% 0.8~12s trip
        • 200% 4.0~30s trip
        • 135% trip within 1 hr
        • 105% no trip
          • LR1,LR2 Series thermal relay
            • set current cinles :browse our web
          • motion time
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