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Technology on High Efficiency Storage Systems Recognizes Market Demands

In this world of e-information network, it is extremely essential to have highly efficient and secured data storage and data mirroring. Etrunk Technology has an excellent research and development team with strong designing ability. Since 1993 Etrunk Technology has developed a good variety of disc array systems to meet the tremendous demands of secured data storage market. The product features of high efficiency and security at low cost and the company's ultimate total solution service have won Etrunk Technology the reputation of excellence in the data storage industry, devoting to fulfilling its customers' continuous satisfaction. With its increasing product sales and services in the markets of Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe and North America, Etrunk Technology is targeting its brand name and ODM service at the global market.

Based on the technology advantages of data storage system, Etrunk Technology has expanded its research teams into Security & Monitoring industry. With its expertise on security of data storage, Etrunk's R & D has designed its own ASIC and is developing a series of innovative products on security and monitoring. As a pioneer in both data storage and security & monitoring industries, Etrunk Technology will provide its customers with security products of the best quality accompanied with a variety of total solutions.

Ultimate Excellence in Quality Wins Reliance and Admiration

From the product design and development to manufacturing, Etrunk Technology has been insisting on the highest standard of quality control and production processing to assure the best quality of its products. Etrunk Technology's factory has been certified by TUV in 1999 and by ISO-9001 in 2000, which manifests its operation priority--- "Quality comes first with service following next," providing its customers with the best quality of products and services. With the focus on being the best in both technology development and product quality and on complete after-sales service and counseling, Etrunk Technology has won itself total reliance and admiration from its customers for all its product lines.

Continuous Improvement Leads to Innovation and Incessant Growth

Recognizing the coming new trend of 3C era--- computer, e-communication, and consuming electronics industries intertwined, Etrunk Technology continues to advance its technology and diverse its product lines to meet the tremendous demands of the 3C markets in the 21 e-century. Etrunk Technology does its best to upgrade its competitive capability and its add-on values on data storage system, network management, and total solution service. It also aims to satisfy its customers with diversified product lines and services and to lead the market with its excellence of technology and product quality. The confidence in being the "Pioneer of the era and innovator for the future" is leading Etrunk Technology to continuous growth and prosperity.

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