200:1 Aloe Vera Gel Freeze-Dried Powder

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Procedure of the product processing: Select fresh aloe leaves and separate the mesophyll from the peel, be cautious not to touch the outer cell architecture; then extract gel juice from the mesophyll and membrane- degerm the gel juice at normal temperatures to keep its effectiveness; make the gel juice into concentrate by the membrane separation and concentration technology; finally freeze dry the concentrate.
The following products can be manufactured with "Evergreen" Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera Gel Powder:
Foods: 1.Health drinks; 2.Mixed drinks; 3.Sports drinks; 4.Children's drinks; 5; Health food.
Skin and hair articles: 1.Sunshine-pretecting preparations; 2.Hand/skin liquid and gel; 3.Skin washing articles (moistening); 4.Talcum powder; 5.Shampoo/hair cream; 6.Perm liquid; 7.Facial washing articles (moistening); 8.Hair-shaving/removing agent; 9.High-grade cosmetics; 10.Bathing powder; 11.Scurf-removing shampoo; 12.Hair-waving gel.
OTC Drugs: 1.Traditional analgesics; 2.Hydrocortisone ointment; 3.First-aid sprays/ointment/gel; 4.Acne removing preparation; 5.Medicinal talcum powder; 6.Tooth paste/mouth wash.
Direction: Keep it in cool and dry places. As this product is not antiseptically treated, preservatives should be added when unpacked.
.The gel concentrate is refrigerated

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