Sewer Cleaning Equipment, Tools and Machinery ; Plumber Tools

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All equipment, machinery and instruments for sewer public works. Spare Parts for the USA major brands of Combination Jet-Vac machines.
Bucket machines and accesories, jetter and suction machines trailer or truck mounted. All accesories and Parts for these machines.
Sewer rods and tools to clean pipes until 12 inches diameter.
  • Sewer Rods and Tools
    • 5/16" x 36" ; 5/16" x 39" ; 3/8" x 36" ; 3/8" x 39" Flexible sewer rods. Sewer tools and accesories to break stoppages in the pipes ; Rodding machines
  • Jetter Machines
    • Mini-hydrocleaners and Hydro-jets to clean by means high pressure water. Hydro-jets trailer mounted and truck mounted.
  • Vacuum/Suction Machines
    • Trailer and truck mounted , to clean sewer lines and septic tanks. 4 to 15 cubic yards debris tank capacity.
  • Combined Jet-Vac Machines
    • Diesel Truck mounted ; capacities from 5 to 15 cubic yards for the debris tank ; clean water tank 2000 gallons
  • Accesories & Spares
    • Sewer Plugs, Ventilation Blowers, video-inspection equipments, nozzles and high pressure hoses, suction hoses; vacuum pumps, high pressure pumps
  • Sewer Rods, Power Drives and Tools
    • Flexible rods complete with couplings and tools like corkscrews, augers, root saws, handi-clamps, rod guide hoses. Power drives 3 , 5 and 8 HP
  • Jetter Machines
    • 2000 and 3000 PSI Hydro-jets with 3/4" and 1" hoses; 200 to 2000 gallons water tank capacities.
  • Mini-jetters to clean drainages 2500 to 4000 PSI
    • Vacuum/Suction Machines
      • Vacuum pumps from 350 CFM to 3500 CFM ; suction hoses 4" to 8" ; all hydraulic or mechanical operation.
    • Combined Jet-Vac Machines
      • Unitized water/debris tank with sub frame; stainless steel water tank; front mounted boom 1000 lb lift ; hose reel articulation; extra capacity cyclone
    • Accesories and Spares
      • Sewer plugs 2" to 90" , plugs with by-pass; video inspection equipment with software; jet-nozzles high quality designs with carbide and tungsten materials

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