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The real healthy foods-aloe
Aloe is a plant which has been recognized world-wide as one of the most salutary plant. After years scientific study and research, we have developed a series of aloe products which are widely used in the industry of foods, cosmetics, pharmacy and hygienicproducts. The species we adopted is vera and arborescens. The products made of aloe include:

Category One:
Diced aloe vera gel
1. Diced aloe vera gel with aloe juice
2. Diced aloe vera gel with fresh water
Size:0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 cm
Inner packing: in tins of 3 kg or in aseptic bags of 5 kg or 200 kg.
Master packing: in cartons, barrels and iron drums.
Applications: in making of beverage, acidophilus milk, jelly, entremets of vegetables and fruits, health food etc.

Category Two:
Concentrated aloe juice
1. Aloe vera gel juice
2. Aloe vera whole leaf juice
Inner packing: in aseptic bags of 5 kg or 200 kg
Master packing: carton, plastic barrel and iron drums
Applications: in food industry, healthy beverage, beauty and cosmatic and skin-care items, sanitary products, dayly-used chemicals and pharmacy.

Category Three:
Aloe vera powder
1. Dried Aloe vera whole leaf powder
mesh: 40-200
2. Dried aloe vera powder (made from skin of aloe leaves) mesh: 40-200
3. Aloe vera whole leaf freeze-dried powder
4. Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder
Inner packing: in plastic bag or aluminum foil bag.
Master packing: cartons
Applications: Pharmacy, healthy products, abstersion and cosmatics.

Category Four:
Aloe vera end products
1. Canned items
1) Diced aloe vera gel in syrup
2) Diced aloe vera gel in syrup (low sugar)
3) Diced aloe vera gel in syrup (without cane sugar)
Size: 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 cm.
Packing: in tins or glass jars of 300g, 360g, 425g, 850g, 3000g
2. Beverage
1) Diced aloe vera gel with fresh water
2) Diced aloe vera gel juice
3) Aloe vera gel Juice
4) Aloe vera with fruits juice
5) Aloe vera with vegetables juice
Packing: in tins, glass or PET bottles of 250g or 360g.
3. Aloe vera capsule.
Size: 0.25g/tablet

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