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Upper: Cotton, EVA
Sole: Rubber
Color: Pink, Green, Violet
Thickness: 20-30 mm
  • Upper
    • -the strap made from cotton with knitted brand name (as per request).
  • -the upper part is made from EVA foam with printed logo or brand (as per request)
    • Sole
      • -The sole is made from rubber with special pattern to avoid slip on slippery surface
    • Color
      • -This model has three different colors which are: pink, violet and green, however if buyer request different color then we can adopt according to agreement.
    • Thickness
      • -The thickness is 20-30mm meaning that the rear is 10mm higher.
  • Coloration
    • -we use bright color for this model because it is intended for young women
  • Comfort
    • -the use of EVA foam is important to support the users leg because EVA foam can shape the users feet.
  • Safety
    • -the rubber sole has a very good perfromance on slippery surface due to its unique design.
  • Durability
    • -since the outsole is made of rubber then the durability is guaranteed. comparing to other women's sandals which has EVA foam sole the durability is questionable.

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