Herb tea for hypertention

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Luobuma Tea was originally grown in Taklamakan Desert where no any human pollution . Luobuma is a wild herb grown only in the Taklamakan Desert in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China, along the Tarim and Peacock Rivers. Its clean and hostile environment helps the plant to grow extra strong and rich. The Forever healthcare Luobuma Tea uses only freshly-picked leaves and flowers during summer between June and August under the scorching sun in the Tarim Basin by skilled Uigur and Han workers. Luobuma as a traditional herb was already recorded in Chinese medical history over 1000 years ago as a medicine for reducing hypertension, cholesterol, dizziness, and as an anti-aging and internal cleansing agent. According to the Zhong Hua Herbal Medicine Dictionary and the All China Traditional Medicinal Record, Luobuma has a special effect on people with hypertension, cholesterol and dizziness. Clinical examinations conducted by the Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region Laboratory, the Autonomous Region Herbal Medicine Laboratory, and the Autonomous Region Health Department confirmed that Luobuma, as a natural and wild herb, has no side effects on the human body. Regular consumption of the tea helps to prevent sickness and diseases and is helpful in building up the body's immune system. Research and clinical studies by the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute and Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute have shown that Luobuma Green Tea contains flavonoid, cardiac glycoside, organic acid, amino acid and many other medical ingredients. According to modern clinical studies the medicinal ingredients in Luobuma Green Tea can strengthen systole of cardiac muscle, relax arrhythmia, improve the blood circulation, and prevent myocardium and coronary arteriosclerosis. They can also prevent the gathering of blood platelet, reduce blood serum cholesterol, improve immunity of the cell, relieve uneasiness of the body and mind, improve memory, and relieve fatigue. Clinical research has proved that Luobuma Green Tea has the following medical and health care functions:1. Reduce high blood pressure2. Reduce blood fat3. Strengthen systole of cardiac muscle4. Postpone aging5. Have distinct diuretic function 7. Reduce phlegm and relieve asthma8. Soothe the nerves and allay mental stresses
.wild herb tea, 100% natural

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