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Fuser Film Sleeve
It's our strong main product for its fine quality that can match OEM film both on color and coating. With Japan imported material/prescription, it can withstand 5 kg tear force and roats smoothly without applying any silicone. We have the ability to make it in grey color, brown or black as you like. Our new Fuser Film Sleeve for Xerox 7700 copier will be put into market in June.
Web Roller
With Japan imported non-woven cloth, it can maintain 0.0025mm thickness without changing yellow. We are the authorized manufacturer for Katun USA on Canon 3050,6060 web roller.
Cleaning Blade
We supply full range of Cleaning blade for Copier and Doctor/Wiper Blade for Laser Printer. We have the ability to develop the model for your demand.
We carry various kinds of popular model for HP, Canon Laser Printer. More items will be put into market soon.
Pickup Roller
The rubber raw material and prescription are made in Japan, it assures the feed roller works steadily, without staining paper dust, ensures a longevity can cover above 300,000 times.
Toner Filling machine
There are 2 types Filling Machine we manufacture: Full-Auto and Semi-Auto. The range of filling is 10g at lowest and 2kg at highest with weighting accuracy at ?g. You can fill the toner into bottle/bag or cartridge with our machine. The full-auto with a programmable weight control system that can be selected the number of rounds & halt time, then you just refill in every separate period. While the semi-auto can't be set this separate round.
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