Outdoor high-voltage falling down type fuse

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  Our main products include high-voltage、low-voltage electrical equipments、analog printing plates、mechanical products and etc. Our company is dealing with the involvement in finance、science、industry、commerce and trade, with the leading R & D capability. The outdoor high-voltage falling-type safety fused filaments, with new technology、new material、new technique、new equipments, are divided into three-series and more than 12 types. The outdoor high-voltage Isolating switches are divided into two-series and more than 10 types. We got a wide market with advanced technology. The analog printing plates and sign labels are made of high-quality materials to meet the requirements of all kinds of customers. The canting pull sleeves and warning pipes are made of alloy material with all complete specifications, and have gained state patent. Our products sell well to more than 80 electrical powers in more than 10 cities、provinces and regions at home. We gained a good reputation in electrical powers system.
  Quality is the lifeline of our company. Our dealing and service ideal is to build our dealing and service with market-oriented and with regarding customers as our working center. "your satisfaction, Our success" is our persistent pursuit.
"Do our best with good intelligence and honesty-oriented", it is what our company promises to provide you with high-quality products, low prices, constant services and sincere cooperation.
  • high-voltage witches
    •  All parts of this product adopt the stainless steel and made of copper piece, antisepsis, effectively defend the rust. Insulated part has the high strength, the insulating stick which bears of heat is stalk, and use the silicon rubber to press the surface to a whole type, light weight, strong anti-contamination, need no maintenance. The switch has the insurance hook the lock function, is extensively applied to the outdoors high-voltage circuit or outdoors high-voltage electric appliances under the condition of equipments without load but high voltage to switch circuit。

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