Burglar Alarm System

Product ID: KY-911

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1. Adjust automatically to receive different input sensors: N.C./ N.O. / VOLTAGE
2.16 digit LCD display
3. Operation Echo sound
4. If the line is busy, it automatically dials next number within 5 seconds in sequence
5. Voice detect function
6. 4 sensors input loop and 4 alarm messages, total message recording time : 64 seconds
7. 1 dry contact output can be connect to another alarm system or siren
8. Playing back messages
9. Automatic dialing of seven telephone numbers and one pager
10.Tone/Pulse switchable
11.Memory one-touch redialing
12.Use outdoor keypad to activate or de-active alarm
13.Changeable security code(4 digits) to protect the stored memories
14.Backup battery auto recharge and low voltage protect
15.AM/PM time display
16.Burglary alarm system on/off controlable
17.0-255 seconds delay time adjustable for burglary
.Burglar Alarm System

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