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Throughout history, ladies from all countries and cultures have developed elaborate rituals for bathing, cleansing and beautifying the body. For centuries, Asian's materials available for this purpose were all natural ?tamarind, rail bird, ginger, lime and aromatic materials and botanical sources. Trial and error ruled at first. Then people developed and discovered a substance which proved good at removing dirt from the body, softening hair and skin.
According to traditional beliefs, nature nutrient from herbs, vegetable, fruits, flowers and leaves have been treasured as one's beauty secrets. The revelation with this magical treatment usually begins with the traditional facial treatment, followed by body brushing.

Thai people have passed their knowledge of nature nutrient from herbs, vegetable, fruits, flowers and leaves, and down from generation to generation.
Once harvested and transformed to be a "valuable asset?for the secret recipes for each family, people determined to adapt all nature nutrients for beauty sake. Taking into an account as a local discipline, all of these nature nutrient products not only promote the valuable resources of nature but also improve the local economy in term of skill development for community members and help them earn more incomes.
  • Rice Bran & Germ Facial Cleansing
    • Eliminates dirt under the facial skin, lessens wrinkles and also moisturizes facial. Reduces pimples and grease. All types of skin are whitened with mulberry.
  • Tamarind and Curcuma Removal Cleans
    • Removes dirt and make-up under your skin. Reduces facial wrinkles and leaves the skin soft, smooth and flawless. Nourishes the tone and elasticity of your face. All types of skin are whitened with its light fruit acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).
  • Tamarind and Curcuma Shower Cream
    • To show your whitened and youthful glow; keep your skin soft; nourish elasticity of the skin with Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid, and Gluconic acid from the light fruit acid (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) of turmeric. Curcuma longa Linn helps reduce allergies and anti bacteria; and reduce growing body's hair.
  • Let's wash away the dirt and excess oil, nourish elasticity and kill bacteria.
    • Rice Bran & Germ Shower Cream
      • Eliminates dirt under the skin. Reduces pimples and grease. Moisture from rice can soften your skin and leaves a healthy appearance. You will be wonderful for both body and mind by the natural fragrance from the Jasmine flower. Whitens you skin with Mulberry extract.
    • Hydrocotyle leaves and Aloe Vera Bo
      • Aloe Vera- Nourish skin; prevents pimples and blemishes; help reduce pimples and chronic wounds
    • Hydrocotyle leaves- Improves blood circulation; heals burns, lessens wrinkles; increase body balance; relieve soreness and swell.
    • Mulberries- Whitens your skin
  • Pueraria Mirifica Bust treatment cr
    • Estrogenic with substance of Microestrol and Tetrohydroxy Miloestrol will firm your bust gently. Feels tighten and becomes greater.
  • Mask & Herbs
    • Prevents your facial skin from aging by stimulating collagen and elasticity with Hydrocotyle leaf. Softened and relaxed your face with honey. Polyphenol substance in green tea will help anti-oxidant. Your skin will look brighten. Keep your face beauty naturally.
  • Herb complexion contains with Curcuma (Khamin), Zingiber casummunar Roxb (Plai), and Galingale (Kha) that always support you face look young, fair, and bright
    • Mangosteen Scrub
      • Condensed Tannin in mangosteen peel results to anti-oxidant which caused fasten aging cells. Tannin helps firm skin pores and stimulate Phagocyte cells to anti bacteria.
    • Daily shower is not enough; take good care of your skin by well treatment with Mangosteen body scrub to let your skin looking youthful appearance, and impressing the passer-by.
      • Tomato Facial Scrub
        • Alpha Hydroxy Acids and vitamin C in tomato will brighten and soften your face. Lieo Persicin ia able to anti-bacteria and fungal. Licopene is for free-radical. Daily routine using tomato facial scrub makes dead cells will be peeled to promote your youthful appearance.
      • Ginseng treatment lotion
        • A gently body lotion containing natural ginseng extracts and skin softening agents. It is the skin supplements. It provides moisture, tone and elasticity. Nourish, hydrate and re-energize your skin for a soft youthful glow now.

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