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Herbs have been known over hundred years in the purpose of health and beauty. In "Ramburi?a wonderful land, we have sent our herbs to be analyzed in Pharmaceutical-Cosmetic Raw Material and Natural Product Research and Development Center (PCRNC) to make sure that our herbs are good enough to be used in our products.
  • Steamed Herbal Ball
    • The ancient touch of herbal balls will help relieve muscular tension and stiffness.
  • Benefits:
  • ?To relieve beriberi and skin allergy
  • ?To have beauty of skin complexion
  • ?To relieve a stomach ?ached
  • ?To relieve muscle and joint?pain
  • ?To relieve a swell up symptom
  • ?To prevent bruised part of body
  • ?To loosen muscle and sinew by compressing
  • ?Smelling can relieved the gas in the stomach
    • Herbal Bath Ball
      • Relieve muscular tension and stiffness. Relax and comfort your body with fresh smell.
    • How to use small size of Powder Herbal Bath
    • ?Lie down in water in bath tub, Jacuzzi or Ofuro.
    • ?Squeeze powder herbal bath pack in the water for 15 minutes.
    • ?Take deep breath and take a bath while relaxing.
    • ?After using, dry the powder herbal bath pack under sunshine.
    • ?You can use this product 2-3 times.
      • Happy Feet Bag
        • Traveling and routine work makes your feet tired and swollen. Clean and relax your feet with Peppermint foot scrub or Happy Feet set 2-3 times a week. You will feel much better.
      • Bath Herbs Bath Love!
        • Treatment yourself in Spa style. Ginger, Galingale, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Curcuma, Orange peel, Boonnak, Borneoul are used as an aromatherapy, which will effect to body and emotion. Prevent bacterial and fungal growth and function as an astringent to remove dirt and grease. Also improves blood circulation and skin complexion. Also known to help heal wounds and relive gas and stomachaches.
      • Steamed Herbs for Sauna
        • The tremendous variety of steamed herbs, such as Zingiber Cassumunar Roxb, Curcuma Longa Linn, Curcuma Zedoaris Roce, Tamarindi Pulpa (Tamarind Leaves), Acacia Concinna (Wild) DC, for inhaling used for pain relief and help balance the mind and emotion. Also, they stimulate blood circulation.
      • Benefit
      • ?Improves blood circulation
      • ?Good breath
      • ?Relieve stress
      • ?Relieves muscle & joint pain
      • ?Helps body release impurities
      • ?Reduces weight
      • ?Heals wounds
  • Mask and Herbs
    • Prevents your facial skin from aging by stimulating collagen and elasticity with Hydrocotyle leaf. Softened and relaxed your face with honey. Polyphenol substance in green tea will help anti-oxidant. Your skin will look brighten. Keep your face beauty naturally.
  • Herb complexion contains with Curcuma (Khamin), Zingiber casummunar Roxb (Plai), and Galingale (Kha) that always support you face look young, fair, and bright

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