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Diamond circular saw blades are the most universal diamond tools and suitable for cutting wood, marble, granite, glass, ceramic, etc. They are manufactured by sintering or welding diamond blades on the steel base (for example 65Mn).

Higred tools group can provide segmented saw blades, continuous saw blades, turbo saw blades, turbo wave blades, TCT circular saw blades, etc. For special sizes, available upon request.
  • segmented saw blades
    • Application : Marble, Granite, Beton, General Construction Materials, etc
  • continuous saw blades
    • Application : Marble, Granite, Brick, Ceramic Tile, Normal Construction Materials
  • silver brazed & laser weld diamond
    • Application : Asphalt, Green Concrete, Asphalt products, and Abrasive materials
  • turbo wave saw blades
    • Application : Granite, Marble, Concrete, Engineer Brick, Slabs, General Construction Materials, etc
  • turbo saw blades
    • Application : Granite, Brick, Concrete, Slabs, General Construction Materials, etc

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