hard alloy saw blade

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The hard alloy saw blade is a kind of high speed cutting tool. It is widely used in processing wood, artificial fibreboard, artificial marble, aluminium, plastic steel, plastics and organic glass etc. And the exceed paper kind can be used in processing high quality wood and repairing lawn and bush. The saw blade has the excellent cutting function. It makes the processed material looking shinny, no-bristle and no gap and so on. The main body of the saw blade is made of high quality spring steel (65Mn). It is steely and elastic. The tip of tooth is set by tungsten carbide alloy. It makes the saw blade sharp and last. So it is fit for cutting sorts of soft and hard materials.
  • hard alloy saw blade
    • Material: Carbide tipped cutting teeth Teeth: 8 to 140. Diameter: 110-255mm or 4"-10" For cutting wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal sheet .

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