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According to different requirements from our clients, we provide various electronics products and related import and export service, including raw material purchase; PCB design, clone, manufacture, package, transport, import and export, etc.

Wide variety of sizes and types of PCB assembly is the core business of Hualian Electronic.

*chip on board
*surface mount technology (SMT)
*IR reflow
*AI (automation inserting component)
*Through hole insertion and Duel wave soldering
*on-line programming

*plastic housing assembly and Ultrasonic welding
*Metal casing assembly
*key lock metallic cable assembly
*heat shrinkable and Heat-sealed assembly

*Customized testing programs and fixtures
*Lab view product testing
*In-Circuit testing(ICT)
*function verification at board, sub-assembly and system levels

Quality Control
*self-inspection by the operator
*re-inspection by ther next-process operator
*random inspection by the process inspertor
*100% inspection by the final inspertor
*Quality control point setting

Main Products

Home appliance control board,remote controller,blood pressure monitor,