Hologram Labels, Hot Stamp Holograms, Holo Shrink Neck Sleeves

Product ID: Anti- Counterfeit

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Holograms are made using lasers from the artwork provided by the clients. They have different levels, kinetic movement and all colours pass through them when viewed from different angles. They are impossible to duplicate and Holograms are hence used worldwide as anti- duplication devices for products and documents. A buyer of goods can identify an original from the duplicate merely by looking for the Hologram Unlike bar coding which need bar code reading equipment. For own staff of Hologram user varying security levels e.g. kinetic movement, laser readable code and micro text etc. can be built in.
  • Size 30x10mm
    • The Hologram has Four stars that rotate and has multi channel effect with depth parallax
  • Member of HoMAI

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