Induction Cooker

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Product features:

1. Our products use the popular high frequency electromagnetism induction heating method, have great heating speed, high efficiency, low energy consuming and granted an environment protect ability.

2. Using microcomputer control, satisfy different cooking requirement, great flexibility, an ideal choice for modern family.

3. Human technology, close to user, convenient operation; using high quality material, advanced manufacturing techniques, great reliability and convenience.

4. Introducing main parts from Siemens (German), Samsung(Korea), Toshiba(Japan), leads to high performance and quality.

5. Electromagnetism resists design, international EMC standards compatible.

6. No flame, no smoke produces during cooking, good to home environment and family health.

7. Unlike LPG stove, there is no leaking, exploding, burning, decreasing the accident.

8. Cooling fan using touchless motor, which making the stove low running noise and longer life.

9. Empty cooking utensil and over heated protection

10. Small object heating prevention

11. Long ranged working voltage, model with rating power 220V works from 170V to 260V, model with rating power 110V works from 80V to 132V.
.Using microcomputer control

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