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We introduce ourselves as one of the leading/oldest manufacturers and exporters of hand tools products. We are a well-established company since 1952 and are supplying Tools covering the entire world. We create the innovated hand tools and generate the dynamic market place for your needs to maintain the advantage of competition.

About Our Company Backed by experience, Jagdambay Forgings has made significant achievements as manufacturers and exporters of all kind of hand tools. A proficient team of professionals, in tandem with the spirit of innovation has resulted in a number of patented hand tools in the past 50 years.

Our Priority Our endeavors are focused on customer satisfaction. To achieve this, continuous efforts are made towards excellence in all aspects. Customer needs are anticipated and regular brainstorming generates new ideas to meet markets demands. Quality is checked and maintained at every stage of the manufacturing process. The cost of production is kept as low as possible and the advantage is transferred to the customer in terms of highly competitive prices.

Our Facilities We export our products across the world exclusively via a system that has proved its worth over the years. Moreover, we possess one of the highest percentages of own production in this industry. Our factory is equipped with sophisticated machines to transform tones of steel into high quality hand tools. Our hand tools can be distinguished by their premium features and quality. At an early stage in development, handtools promises to be one of the most revolutionary advances. We create the innovated hand tools and generate the dynamic market place for your needs to maintain the advantage of competition. Thanks for our brainstorming teams, they have came out a number of patented hand tools in the past 50 years and continuosly exploded new ideas to meet markets demand. "Winning Through Services" is our motto. Just one email or fax, we will be glad to ship your orders based on inventory, available. We strongly believe the priority to customers, maximise the sales, minimise the cost to reach the goal. Our anticipation to valuable customers stick with us. We will keep updating any new inventions and leading you to the new era of innovation hand tools throughout the world, Jagdambay Forgings exports its products exclusively via a system that has proved its worth. Jagdambay Forgings can claim to possess one of the highest percentages of own production in this industry. Every year tones of steel are transformed into high Quality hand tools. The user can recognise the features and quality of JF Products hand tools at a glance and can take immediate advantage. Our main aim is to establish ourselves in the international market and become global players. Tools for every one used anywhere any place.

Our Products Range :-

We present a range of superior Quality Hand tools such as : Double open ended Spanners, Ring spanners, Combination spanners, Gas spanners, Combination pliers, Long nose pliers, Combination shearing pliers, Flat nose pliers, Bent nose pliers, Diagonal side cutting pliers, slip joint pliers, water pump pliers box type & Swedish pipe wrench. Wire strippers, Mini pliers sets 5 PCs and 6 Pcs, Bolt cutters, Carpenter pincers, Tower pincers, Tinmen snips, Basin wrench, Hex key wrench, Spark plug wrench, Cross wheel wrench, Adjustable angle wrench, Chain pipe wrench, Bearing pullers, Water pump pliers box type/Slip joint type/Groove joint. Cross pien hammers, Claw hammers, Ball pien hammers, Club hammers, and Claw hammers with steel shaft. Steel and cast iron vices all types. G-cramps, T.bar cramps, Woodworking vices, Pipe vices, and Baby vices. Hacksaw frames, Junior hacksaw frames, Hacksaw frame tubular, Iron Jack Plane, Wrecking bars, Chisels, Brick bolsters, Hand drill machine, Pipe wrenches, Swedish pipe wrench, Water pump pliers, Locking grip wrenches. All types of Garden stuff like the Digging Spades, Forks, Edging knifes, Dutch hoe, Garden rakes, Pruning shear, Lopping shear, Garden shears, 3 Pcs Garden tool set, Border shears. Leather tool belts, Nail bags, Multipurpose nail pouches, Power tool apron, Leather hammer holder, Tape holders, Cordless drill holsters, Welding aprons, Heavy duty canvas bags, Working gloves. This is just a very Limited Listing of the products and certainly doesn't come close to all the tools, accessories and associated products we can supply for you so please let us locate what you need!

Lastly we wish you to come and join the rank of our Satisfied Customer's, Although we look forward to start long-term business relations with your Respective Company.

With Personal & Warmest Regards

Manish Ludhra,
Int'l Business

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