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Product ID: Carbide Punches

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Cater for all carbide using industry, powder metallurgy,wire drawing, drawing blank.
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    • Our portfolio comprises of an extensive range of manufacturer parts from powder metallurgy moulds, carbide punch and die, precision parts for engineering, precision parts for automobiles, molds for plastic bobbins industries. We also provide and cater services like additional machining service for EDM, Wirecut, precision turn parts or any prototype development. Having our own in-house coating service for TiNC or CrN and our heat-treatment process enables us to shorten the process time. The joint venture agreements with Tokyo Diamond Tools Mfg.Co.Ltd provide us with a greater challenge to a new range of market. Greater accessibility is now possible, as all drawings will be convert into 2D and 3D drawings received from customer. Each customer drawings are assign with a unique identified code to distinguish them from the other, hence preventing any mis-communication with specific customers. Our consultants and engineers are dedicated to you, diligent in providing excellence at all cost and consider the customer our most important and valued asset

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