Salonbes Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 120ml & Salonbes Slimming Cream 120ml

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Salonbes Sun Protection Cream SPF 50

Specifically studied and formulated to protect the skin from harmful UVA � UVB sun-ray radiation. Contains a synergic compound of SPF-50 highest Sun-Ray filter, which contribute broad spectrum and full protection.

The cream also enriched with additional ingredients:
1) Vitamin E A powerful Antioxidant Vitamin to prevent pre-mature skin aging. Helps to smooth the wrinkles and whitening
2) Urea � Maintain optional grade of epidermis hydration
3) Allontoin stimulate cell regeneration;normalize the sebum secretion and moisturizing
The mild formula allows application on face and body. Also suitable for infants and children.

Salonbes Slimming Cream

High potency weight loss cream with natural ingredients helps to eliminate excess body fat. The following potent ingredient supports that the slimming activities.

The main herbal ingredients may provide slimming benefits as follow:

Hedera Helix � Repair connective tissues, improve blood circulation and diuretic
Fucus Vesiculous � Dissolve and washing out deposit fat cells
Centella Asiatica � Care for venous insufficiency and thus helps to eliminate cellulitic problem
Ginseng � Provide protection against oxidative agents and tonifying effect, ensure smooth appearance.
  • Directions for Salonbes Sun Protect
    • Apply evenly 15 minutes before going out into the sun. Re-apply every 4 hours if necessary and or after prolong sun exposure.
  • For full protection during outing, apply evenly to the face, arms, legs and the skin area where expose to sun ray.
    • Directions for Slimming Cream
      • Apply evenly with light massage onto the area that need slimming treatment. Use twice a day morning and evening.

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