INFINITY Voice Logging System

Product ID: VLS001

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Infinity Voice Logging System is a multi channel computerized recording system capable to record bidirectional conversation on Analog, Digital and PABX proprietary telephone lines.

An easy to use interface lets you record and get to the right recorded conversation in less time. It has got features like recoding in Continuous, Phone operated and Voice operated mode, channels capable to work independently in different modes. Additional configuration settings for channels like adjusting amplification factor, AGC etc. let you adjust recording sound quality. The limit of amount of data it can hold, depends upon the capacity of the hard drive installed in the machine. With a click of a button you can even listen to the live conversations going on different channels without creating any interruption. Infinity VLS gives you the opportunity to log exact date time, channel no, caller ID, dialed out no and other related information, letting you track the right conversation afterwards. A mechanism for automatically backing up the recorded data through CD-Writer, DVD-Writer or DVD RAM drives, is there helping you secure your valuable data. Infinity VLS can have it's own users having different levels of authority, this includes even restricting users to listen only to particular channels, thus enforcing high level security. Infinity VLS also supports proprietary telephone lines for recording, the list comprises of all of the renowned and mostly sued PABX.
  • System Requirements
    • Processor Speed : Pentium 3 or above.
  • RAM : 256 Mb or above.
  • Hard Drive : With 2 partitions, partition other than System partition having at least 6 GB free space.
  • Data Backup : DVD RAM, DVD Writer and CD-Writer.
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server
  • Recording Interface : Ai-Logix Recording Cards (MTPCI)
  • External Security : Serial Port for KEY
  • Interface
    • Standard Windows Based GUI
  • No. of Channels
    • 2-256 Channels
  • Data Storage
    • 3300 hours for 40 GB Hard drive
  • 6900 hours for 80 GB Hard drive
  • 10500 hours for 120 GB Hard drive
    • Data Backup
      • DVD RAM, DVD Writer and CD-Writer
    • Playback Features
      • Standard Windows Media Player like interface.
    • Intro Playback (lets you play the selected conversations skipping and playing the specified conversation for the time duration specified), Activity Search (searches through the conversation for specified activity level)

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