Remote Control Electrical Curtain System

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Our product is designed and developed for home improvement and under DIY concept. The product is suitable for window size with width from 1.2m to 4.2m. Customers can install the product according to instruction manual easily. It is not necessary to find an expert for the installation.

The package is designed for DIY store, it is very convenient for the customers to bring it home from the store.

Compare with similar products in the market, our price is much lower than others but also has safe, reliable and good quality. Our remote control can operate eight units without interference each other.

Since our product is not complicate to install and operate, the price is acceptable but not high. We believe that there is room for the product in the market and it will become a popular products in the coming future.
  • Specification
    • a. Input voltage 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz
  • b. Output voltage 12VDC.
  • c. Operation power 12W.
  • d. Stand by power 0.1W.
  • e. Maximum remote distance 8M.
  • f. Endurance of the motor Approixate 1000 hours.
  • g. Range of the curtain width 1.2-4.2M (Model CL-200T4M)
  • h. Maximum loading
  • Features
    • 1. One remote control can operate 8 sets of units without interference each other.
  • 2. Open and close the window curtain by remote control or control pad.
  • 3. Stop at any prefers position.
  • 4. Over loading protection within 30 seconds.
  • 5. Can be operated by hand while power off.
  • 6. Simple and easy installation with driver and control system in one box.
  • 7. Installation is very easy for everyone.
  • 8. Safe and reliable designed with 12VDC transformer with GS, BS, CE or UL approval
  • 9. Automatic stop in 2 seconds when the curtain is fully opened or closed.
  • CE

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Remote Control Electrical Curtain System