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Enjoy safe steps on tile floor!!
With simple spray of leading-edge chemical treatment,"TILE SLIP-STOP",
you can prevent slip/fall injury on floors of tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, and stones.
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.FOR USE : Tile, Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone/Mineral Surface with water
.TYPICAL APPLICATION : Home, Hotel, Motel, Hospital, Restaurant, Supermarket, Office building Shopping center, Health club, Bathroom floor, Swimming pool deck, Food processing plant.
..Clean out dirt, grease, wax, oil etc. on tile floor.
..Dry or squeeze or mop dry.
..Thoroughly shake more than 10 times and spray "TILE SLIP-STOP" evenly on tile floor and leave it for 20 minutes of standard treating time.
..Wash out the tile floor with clean water and brush 2 times.
..Then you feel fantastic anti-slip effect immediately.
.STANDARD COVERAGE: 180 ml per 2 square meter
.TREATING TIME: It may vary depending on situations. For further details, please discuss with local distributor.
.UNIT OF SUPPLY: 180 ml spray bottle, 500 ml spray bottle, 20 liter plastic container bulk, 200 liter plastic drum, bulk

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