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Kontron Canada, a division of the leading global embedded computer technology company Kontron, AG, has announced the release of the CP6010, a new 6U, Dual-processor CompactPCI board based on the latest, most powerful Intel. Xeon processor featuring Netburst architecture and Hyper-Threading support. As a powerful and flexible CPU engine, the CP6010 is intended for applications calling for high processing capabilities, large memory capacity and bandwidth, and tremendous I/O throughput such as VoIP, wireless infrastructure, datacom, and medical applications.

The CP6010 is offered with single or dual Intel Low Voltage 1.6GHz Xeon processors. The board is designed, from both a power and thermal perspective, to support faster speed processors as they become available. The CP6010 is built around a powerful chipset featuring high bandwidth interfaces to both memory (two DDR memory channels, for up to 8GB of PC-2100 DDR Registered SDRAM with ECC support) and CPU (a 400/533MHz front side bus). The high-bandwidth CP6010 features two PCI-X buses running at 64-bit/133MHz, which allow for a very well balanced, high performance system architecture. Dual Gigabit Ethernet (PICMG 2.16 compliant) interfaces along with a PCI-X bridge to the cPCI bus occupy on the first PCI-X bus. A PMC expansion slot (with PIM support) sits on the second PCI-X bus. Driving a second cPCI segment is possible through the use a mezzanine with an additional bridge. CP6010 boards have standard interfaces such as VGA, serial ports and three USB ports.Software support is provided for Windows. 2000/XP Pro, Linux., FreeBSD and QNX.. Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is available.Prototype quantities of the CP6010 are available now. The CP6010 will be available in volume in March 2003 for $4,495 USD. OEM pricing is available .

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