CCTV system

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Our Multi Camera systems are

1. Do not need exclusive monitor.
2. Do not need exclusive storage.
3. Install specialist's help does not need.
4. Can install moving at any time simply.

Our focusing for CCTV Camera knowledge is to Industrial as well as End user's
convenient using and operating at their life without any heavy expensive and burden of installation. Please refer as our new announcements of CCTV new products.
  • Multi Camera System
    • - No special tools required - Just plug in your Home TV or Monitor
  • - All accessories included in package box
  • - Multiple- view display - Up to 4 color cameras can be built in to the Dome
  • - Record up to 60 still images to memory IC inside
  • - Motion capture : Motion-activated recording
  • - Emergency Capture : Emergency recording
  • - Excellent playback