USB 2.0 Pen Drive 2.2GB

Product ID: 2.2GB Pen Drive

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Product Name:USB 2.0 Pen Drive 2.2GB
Model No.:KZ-PD588

Storage medium :1"HDD
Capacity : 2.2GB
Interface: USB2.0
Sector size: 512 bytes
Media: GLASS
Transfer speed (read and write) : 3.3-6.5Mbytes/sec via USB2.0 interface
Anti-shock (operating) : 175G (2ms)
Anti-shock (non-operating) : 1500G (1ms)
Anti-vibration (operating) : 1G 0-Peak (5-500Hz)
Temperature: 0 to 65 ℃ operating
Relative humidity : 8 to 90% operating
Motor rotation rate : 4200RPM
Electric current (write) : 300mA, average
Electric current (idle) : 150mA, average

Dimension(mm) : 54(W) X 48(W) X 12(H)
Case material : Plastic case and lateral gilded
Color : Silver and black color
Package case : Wood
Accessories : Mini USB cable, leather case, User manual, warranty card
.1 HDD

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