Table cloth sheet, vinyl table cloth shee

Table cloth sheet, vinyl table cloth shee

Table cloth sheet, vinyl table cloth sheet, pvc table cloth sheet

Product ID: Table cloth sheet

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High quality pvc printed sheet for table cloth,
Qualified vinyl sheet with artwork printed and
back material laminated, supplied in roll package.

Width from 36" to 72", 100 yards or 150 yards
packed in one roll. Complete production process
under high quality control.

Specification for backing material used for our
table cloth stuff:

A. Vinyl sheet laminated with polyester fleeze:
elastic, anti-slip, anti-stick, high grade

B. Vinyl sheet laminated with PP Non-woven
sheet: elastic, anti-slip, anti-stick, quality

PVC sheet is available to be printed on sheet's
surface by printing roller which is designed in
different kinds of artworks, for example, flowers, cartoons, brands ...or any beautiful

Please see the left size for some of our
artworks which are available for your ordering.
Detailed our print artworks/patterns will be
supplied by your futher inquiry.

We also accept your own designed artworks
by your cost of custom's printing roller, just
contact with us for detailed information.

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