multi-function wireless home security alarm system

Product ID: LX-HS

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The product uses advanced MCU control and SMD technology. Its reliability is good. It gathers following functions: automatically dial and alarm informing appointed communication device (hand call, telephone), scene alarming, long-distance monitor hearing, panic for help, long-distance telephone control, arm and disarm.
  • Main controller:
    • Remote control distance (wide place):>30m
  • Alarm current: 230mA
  • Out power static current: 38mA
  • Standby power static current: 33mA(when out power cut off)
  • Sensor emitter LX-AL8:
  • Working power: DC9V(cascading battery)Static current: 30μA
  • Sense distance: 12mSense angle:110
  • Installing height:2m
  • Single key, 4-key remote controller: Working power: DC12V (alkaline battery)
  • Door magnetism (LX-DM1): Working power: DC12V (alkaline battery

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