Teeth Cleaning

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Teeth Cleaning
One Touch
Easily cleans your mouth and helps you maintain a healthy oral hygiene.
One Touch Clean Teeth Idea
1. Uses a strong burst of water to effectively cleanse the teeth.
2. Easily cleans between teeth.
3. No electricity needed and doesn't take up that much space.
4. Very easy to install and use.
5. Prevents cavities and periodontal disease.
6. No need for any cups to rinse.
7. Can be installed on any faucet.
8. Can be conveniently taken anywhere.
9. No worries about oral hygiene
10. The mouth cavity would be thoroughly cleaned down and the gums would be
kneaded in aid of teeth protection and against periodontal disease, dental caries and oral cavity's disease.
11. Patented in America, Japan, and all over the world. It has a very innovative
and effective design.
12. Whale Teeth Cleaning can easily be installed into the outlet of faucet, providing
with the functions of brushing teeth, rushing teeth and gargling teeth etc.. It's
the most favorable equipment for daily health care to our teeth.
  • Tempered Glass Basin
    • T12mm
  • Tempered Glass Basin
    • T12mm + 5mm
  • Tempered Glass Basin
    • T12mm + 7mm
  • Tempered Glass Basin
    • T12mm + 7mm
  • Dia: 460mm
    • Tempered Glass Basin
      • T15mm
  • Colorful Basin
  • Red Glass Basin
  • Yellow Glass Basin
  • Green Glass Basin
  • Crystal Glass Basin

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