Fingerprint Time&Attendance

Product ID: FDA-02

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Checking in / out of a working-place by a finger touch.....
Ensures the correct person arrives for work
Prevents person to check in / out for other workers
Connect with printer or computer, easy for reports & salary managements.
  • easy for reports & salary managemen
    • Features & Advantages
  • Introduce SecuGen FDA01 Fingerprint Sensor
  • Management combination of fingerprint collection, identification, punch in/out .
  • Single FDA operation, or multi-FDA operation are both ok.
  • Be Capable of saving 12,450 records,transfer data to computer at any time.
  • To save data in case of power failure, can keep the data for 10 years.
  • Link with local erea network of the company,(support for 485 sets of computers).
  • With management software, easy to arrange shifts, input leave status, suitable for all kinds of checking in & out.
  • Printer interface,to connect with wire-printers eg :EPSON LQ1600K series.
  • Easy to transfer data from FDA to PC, or from PC to FDA.
  • Scratch-less, hard & durable scan lens , suitable for all kinds of industries & work conditions.
  • Available SDK for expanding function

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