IC card Lock

Product ID: WCl02-02

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Function of setting & limitting time :
1. Limited time: Set the card to be able to unlock the door during some valided time in advance ,
and unworkable at any other time .
2. Settle time: Set the card to be used during appointed time , and unable to unlock when the time is over.
3. Multi-function: To unlock the door by inserting 2-4 cards at the same time.
It's suitable for the room which contains important or valuable things.
4. Passage function: With this function , the door can be open or closed at any time.
It's suitable for the places where people come in or out frequently , such as meeting center, office etc.
  • Suitable for hotels or personal
    • Smart card lock system
  • Computer: can apply with operation system above WINDOWS 3.1
  • Software management: comprehensively manage & handle all the data & info of intercom system.
  • Card-making machine: can read & write in smart card through computer COM
  • Smart Card : Introducing German Siemens cipher card & USA Temic card , highly forgery-proof.
  • Five levels of management: hotel , block, floor, cleaning, room etc.

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