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Communication is critical for all business organisations today.Efficient,reliable and cost effective communication solutions are crucial for growing organisations.Matrix Vision the smart feature rich PBX designed to drive growth.
  • Trunk extensions
    • Trunks Extensions 2,3
  • Input Voltage
    • Input Voltage 150-265V AC
  • Power Consumption
    • Power consumption 25W
  • Dimension
    • Dimensions 24l,21b,6h
  • Allowed and denied lists
    • This functions avoids misuse of 94,98,95,STD and ISD dialing to control telephone cost.
  • Alternate Number Dialing
    • Whenever redial or auto redial is used,the Vision dials out the next alternative no.
  • Auto voltage regulator
    • Regulates voltage from 150V to 265 V,eliminating the need of CVT

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Analog & Digital PBX,Digital KTS,Voice mail System,Data loggers