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Air Games Maxi Fun realizes that there are competitors, or other companies that make a similar product, but we feel that the benefits you acquire from a Air Games Maxi Fun finished product, by way of quality and ease of use, far outweigh any other consideration, not to mention Air Games Maxi Fun's renowned, service oriented mentality after purchase.

Air Games Maxi Fun's walls come with the proven and patented hydraulic AUTO BELAY technology, with redundancy. This means dual pistons and multi flow control valve systems on EACH route. Also, 120 handholds pre-installed, a T-wrench handhold tool, 7 climbing harnesses and 2 T-shirts with rules sign on back. A simple 10 minute, hydraulic set up on our mobile version comes with a DUAL AXEL, DETACHABLE TRAILER. Static versions can be ordered with the same turnaround time, from time of deposit, this is normally 10 days.

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