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Desktop Author is an electronic publishing software that allows you to create digital web books. Digital web books are any type of e-publication including e-brochures, e-books, digital photo albums, e-cards, digital diaries, online resumes, quizzes, exams, tests, forms and surveys. And now you can easily turn your digital web books into web pages with no need for HTML, ASP or other programming knowledge.
  • System Requirements
    • Windows98/SE, WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • Hardware Requirements (Minimium Recommended)
  • Celeron 300 Mhz
  • 64MB RAM (win9x) or 128MB RAM (Win2k/XP)
  • VGA Card (at least 16bit colors)
  • 100MB Disk Space (Recommended)
  • Other Requirements
  • Internet connection for registration
  • If using on Apple MAC, then a PC emulator is required, e.g. VirtualPC.
  • DeskTop Author features
    • Produce small yet attractive file size publications and display them as stand alone or view them inside a browser.
  • Includes a Publish to Web and a built-in FTP upload.
  • Make any shape book or pages for that extra impact.
  • The All-in-one DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Payment Gateway
  • Editable image function in DeskTop Author Version 4 gives you the ability to easily create digital photo albums which users can insert images into
  • The canvas includes Guide lines, exterior working canvas area, and pixel ruler.
  • Easy Quiz/Test/Forms and Survey creation with DeskTop Author's own amazing Eazy Forms tool.
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates - includes 500+ individual pages, 100 + buttons and dividers and pre-made shaped books.
  • Internal Image Editor and Image Manipulator.
  • Cut and paste and Drag and Drop features, including an Image Browser.
  • WYSIWYG page creation and editing.
  • Background setting feature.
  • Hotlink to pages, web sites, movies and sound, as well as email and even other files.
  • Set auto page turn for trade show or in-store presentations, allows for individual page turn settings and individual page turn timing.
  • Specify one of 6 page transitions - three 3D page turn modes, turn, wipe and slide.
  • Digital Web Book file sizes are small, easily distributed by email, download or on floppy/CD.
  • Share your digital web books with friends, family, colleagues or customers with an internal Send to Friend function or sell the eBooks you create.
  • Allow users to print pages or disable the print function.
  • Password protect your Digital Web Books.
  • Suitable for all Windows-based PC's.
  • and much more

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