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Tea seed meal is a residue remaining after the oil has been extracted from the seeds of certain plants in the Camellia family. It is crushed into a powder shape and contains tea saponin, suitable for many applications.
It is extensively used in aquaculture to eliminate predatory fishes in fish and prawn farming.Tea Seed Meal containing 12 to 18% Saponin. Saponin has been shown to be an effective fish killing agent with a 40 fold margin of safety towards freshwater and marine invertebrates, especially prawns and shrimps. The differentia toxicity of Saponin towards fin-fish in the presence of shrimps makes it an ideal selective toxicant for the removal of unwanted fish in shrimp aquaculture containments.

It is a seasonal product. It is mainly produced during December to March every year. To cater for use throughout the whole year, it is stored in cake form so as to preserve its active components. Tea seed cake is only crushed to powder form only when it will be used by end-users within the next three months.
Key Benefits
1. Tea Seed Meal is extensively used in aquaculture to eliminate unwanted fishes & harmful insects in the fish and prawn ponds.
2. detoxify quickly in water and are not injurious to animals or people who

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