PP Woven Bag Circular Loom

Product ID: YF-YZJ

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Main plastic machinery for the making of PP woven bag, width ranges from 35 to 2100cm, can use tapes made from recycled material, three type: 4-shuttle, 6-shuttle, 8-shuttle.
  • 4-shuttle Circular Loom
    • With high production efficiency, low noise, economical power consumption, easy operation & maintenance .
  • 6-shuttle Circular Loom
    • New type, 30% higher output than 4-shuttle, will become dominant equipment of small size PP woven bag.
  • 8-shuttle circular loom
    • Mainly used for tonnage bag, colorized cloth and awning cloth for rainproof etc., adopts rocker structure of small cam with double curves.
  • ISO9001:2000 & CE Certificate

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