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The phogoluminescent pigment is made from rare earth, no radioactive, no toxic. After absorbing the visible light for 8-12 minutes in the day, it can emit for 8 to 12 hours in the dark. At the same time, the light is 30-50 times stronger than that of the traditional fluorescent. It can bear strong ultraviolet rays and sunlight for a long time without being dark or being deteriorated. They are sold well with good reputation in domestic and abroad.

The relevant products such as photo luminescent paint, film, board, sign, mark, the emergency indication marks, indication mark for fire fighting equipments, forbiddance marks, warning marks, order marks, public information marks, safety marks for ship, distinguish symbol for fire fighting on ships and luminous art & crafts are widely used in public security, fire fighting, highway traffic, railway, subway, ship, airport, communication, electric power, petrol, chemical, construction, building materials, mining industry, hospital, advertisements, tourism, air defense, shop, civil equipments, military equipments, rescue, arts and daily merchandise, etc. Please give us more information of your requirements so that we can quote you our best prices. You are welcome to our company when convenient for further negotiation.

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