Laparotomy Sponges

Product ID: 0001

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1) Made from 100% cotton absorbent gauze after cutting, folding, sewing, dying
if for green and blue sponges
2) It could be white or dyed, unwashed or pre-washed, with Rx or Non Rx, with
or without blue chip, tape (cotton loop), and metal ring
3) Highly soft, absorbent, poison free and could do isolating, absorbing,
washing,protecting function in surgical operation
4) Strictly confirming to BP, EUP, and USP
5) The lap sponges are for disposable use before sterilization
6) Expiry time: 5 years
7) Supply Availability: White: 1,500,000pcs/month; Green: 1,000,000pcs/month