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Innovative solutions using induction heating technology for heat treating, forging, joining and more in the design and manufacture of standard or custom equipment including vertical and horizontal scanning, single shot popups, billet heating, wire lines, induction power sources from 1kW to 5000kW, and dielectric equipment. Radyne Strayfield manufacturers dielectric drying equipment for use in snack food, paper and textile industries.

Radyne designs, fabricates, sells, and services Induction and Dielectric Heating Systems, both of which can incorporate various standardized modules or specialized systems that can easily be retrofitted to JIT or cell concept arrangements.

Radyne designs and manufactures a complete range of induction heat treating (hardening, annealing, tempering), wire heating, gear and crankshaft hardening, pipe heating and coating, shrink fitting, billet and bar end heating for forging, melting, crystal growing, brazing, drying, and soldering systems.

Radyne induction power sources encompasses Radio Frequency Generators with power ratings of 1 kW - 100 kW and Solid State Inverters with output from 2.5 kW - 5000 kW.
  • Flexitune induction power source
    • Integrated unit -10, 15 or 30kW/ 20-60kHz, 100% duty rated, built-in matching output transformer and controls.
  • ForgeMaster induction forging unit
    • Integrated Continuous Feed Induction Billet Heating System with built-in induction power and material handling
  • Power Integrated Pop-Up Fixture
    • A pneumatically actuated pop-up unit with a stainless steel sink and built-in power, quench and water system
  • Power Integrated ScanMaster
    • Vertical or horizontal induction scanning heat treat system in a compact package
  • accepts and scans up to 60" long parts
    • QAS2000 Quality Assurance Monitor
      • Capable of 16 inputs and measuring data simultaneously from each of the inputs at a rate of up to 100 samples per second.
  • Flexitune induction power source
    • MF Power___10, 15 or 30kW
  • MF Voltage__75V
  • MF Current __1600A
  • Freq_______20 - 60kHz
  • Rating max__13kVA
  • Efficiency____85-90%
    • ForgeMaster Billet Heating Unit
      • Built in power, infeed conveyor, coil and cover, lost motion device, AB SLC CPU, color HMI, diagnostic lights and LCDs
    • Lift/Rotate Pop-Up Fixture
      • In place heating with 3 vertical positions, stainless steel sink, builtin quench and cooling, AB PLC with touch screen
    • Vertical Induction ScanMaster
      • Single or dual position, scans or heats up to 60" part 0 - 12 inches per second PC compatible control with touch screen

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