Hi-Bond Induction Wire Stress Relief, Hardening and Annealing of PC wire

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The patented Radyne Hi-Bond process is used in the induction heat treating of PC wire. The hardening and tempering of deformed bar for reinforcing concrete structures gives a low relaxation high yield strength components leading to prestressed concrete products.

Hardening, tempering and/or annealing is carried out heating single wires or with multiple wires running parallel to each other. Under some conditions, multiple wires need not be the same diameter although they are heated in the same coils assembly.

Continuous processes include Continuous Hardening and Tempering, Pre-heating for coating, Pre or Post Draw Annealing, Fusing of Plating alloys, Curing of coatings, Removal of water and solvents.

Using induction heating compares favorably to lead baths, hot air, and resistance heating in that induction heating offers a faster, more controlled heating rate in less space eliminating the environmental and maintenance concerns with these conventional processes.

The matching technology allows optimum power transfer to the load during heating, including pre and post curie in one application. The impedance matching further allows inferential sensing of the load condition, thereby measuring process and upstream process quality.
  • Continuous wire line
    • Optimum power transfer to the load during heating, matching allows sensing of the load measuring process quality

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